Arch Linux is Horrid. Period.

I have been a Linux user for about fifteen years now, coming from the days of Mandrake or Mandriva or something that had to be loaded live into RAM from six or eight floppy drives. Then I progressed to Sir Mark Shuttleworth’s free Ubuntu Linux. From there to Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate, an obese beast lacking drivers for all my peripherals. I then went to PearOS (methinx, or was it Peach??) and then some.

After having used Mahdi from Iran’s AriOS, I went all the way Down Under to try out Tom’s UltimateOS. The sweet spot, however, was Mint Cinnamon DE. I had a nasty with Mint Xfce in that it lost its .ICE file and booted into a very dark space.

Manjaro did that a few times and a fellow blogger sneered at that OS. Now there is a distrosnob lurking around every corner, trying to tell you that Mint is for sissies and Arch for those that had grown a pair. Let me disagree: after several Manjaro failures, also RebornOS and some other Arch flavours, there is one thing consistent: they lose their desktops and boot into darkness with a very dead cursor sitting dead still at the top left of the screen. No, Arch isn’t “for people who want to know how Linux works” as the darn thing doesn’t work at all.

And the Calamares installation often fails at around 99%………after having taken hours to get there. Which is why I am still freakin awake by well past 4am since last night. The stupid EndeavourOS, built on Arch, finally installed after I had laid my hands on my laptop and asked God to get the daft thing working as I couldn’t. Calamares regularly fails on the first attempts to install anything Arch or based on that.

Distro snobs should know that, for most users, a computer is there for us to do work on, using a browser, mail app and office suite. We aren’t snake oil salesmen doing our rounds reading the entrails of your pet misbehaved distro. Someone should have killed this crap off long ago and sent themn back to Bill Gates and that Windows 10 Pro that actually installs and works very nicely. They have never tried it yet bash it – how daft is that.

Or the geekiot that told me that “your hardware is incompatible.” Said hardware that runs well on at least fourteen Debian-based distro’s plus Windows 10 Pro. The only oddball here is anything Arch that is guaranteed to fail. So, when an IT guy spills crap like that, I know that I’m dealing with yet another chemtrailer, flatearther, communist or otherwise deluded fool. As only an absolute idiot wants to know a dysfunctional distro that intimately.

At the time of writing, time is approaching 04:30 in the morning and I am supposed to rise within two hours, but I have to supervise a Lenovo Thinkpas with Haswell i7 Quad 2.2GHz, 8GB DDR3, Geforce Nvidea GT740M 2GB graphics and otherwise running very smooth until it has to pass through the Arch.

The daft Arch family thing also can’t mount my backup partition where my ISO files live……….

The only failure here is Arch Linux, supported apparently by a gang of masochists.

And I am longing back to the sweet, smooth, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, stable Linux Mint Cinnamon that I so carelessly cheated upon without having made a bootable USB first.

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Please allow me to introduce you to the blog of our local community market. I count on your kindness to follow there and to help share the blog to create awareness, as many people depend upon what they earn there, for their survival.

It is an honest, credible endeavour by a community firm in their resolve not to let 2020 get them under. Please do visit and follow, help share our blog posts. Oh, be sure to visit the picture gallery as well.

Something Linux simply cannot do

About eleven of the Arch-es

All of the Ubuntu-ishes

And the .deb’s

Also they .rpm’s

They don’t wake from sleep.

I’ve seen this on desktops with Pentium II, Celeron II, Pentium IV, AMD Athlon, motherboards from MSI, Asus, Intel and the like.

Once it has either hibernated or suspended, it requires a rather boorish hard boot to get going again. And with laptops, ditto. Celeron, Core2Duo, DualCore, AMD Athlon, Intel i3, Intel i7 Quad and branded Acer, eMachines, IBM and Lenovo Thinkpad, HP, Dell.

They don’t wake from sleep.

The same hardware could wake from sleep graciously when running any Windows flavour from Vista to 10.

I even offered every Linux a whopping 8GB swap partition, not just a swapfile. So, for all of its virtues, Linux is still like a teenage boy as it doesn’t wake from sleep.

That ONE Thing

One can look at a girl and instantly make up one’s mind of what she can give you, just that one thing;


you can look into her eye, see into her heart and see what restoration she needs there. what you can offer her.


arrive with ladders, sanders, planes, screwdrivers, sanding paper, glue, rivets, paint and lunch, settle in and start repairing to renew her inside out, help make her more beautiful than ever.

(and you might still not get that one thing if it’s not yours to have.)

once that is done,

you will stand by her gateposts and protect her against predators

and then I’ll call you a man

Feeling Smug

How many literally had to do this to follow God’s calling in your lives?

  • leave a home and everything it behind, shut the gate and go
  • do so without taking a purse, credit card or such
  • forsake all blood relatives and also friends

Read Luke 10.

Do not take money, or a bag, or shoes. And do not stop to talk with anyone on the road.  5 When you go into a house, first say, “May God give peace to this family.”  6 If a man of peace is there, your blessing will stay with him. If not, your blessing will come back to you.  7 Stay in that house. Eat and drink what the people give you. The one who works should have his pay for it. Do not move from one house to another house.  8 ‘When you go into a town and they take you in, eat what is put before you.  9 Heal the sick people in the town. Tell the people, “The kingdom of God has come to you.”  10 But when you go into a town and they do not take you in, then go out into the streets of the town.  11 Say to the people, “We wipe off even the dust of the town that is on our feet. This will be a sign to you. But remember this, the kingdom of God has come.”  12 I tell you this. On the day when people are judged, they will be punished more than the people in the city of Sodom.

So many threw their toys because of covid-19 lockdown, Christian people whined because they couldn’t drink or smoke….sad, but true. Twitter and Facebook was alive with just that.

Meanwhile, people live in absolute austerity and in the most acute lack while taking the Gospel of Jesus to where churches won’t or can’t. It is some time since the Geneva Bible left to enlighten the whole wide world (not the KJV as many assume) and missionaries sold all they had, went on a wing and a prayer to places where there heads get chopped off, or where they get eaten by other humans, etc.

When I then read in what comfort others live, I cannot but help to think why some can justify themselves being smug.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Latent Defect, Beware!

It is well documented, this defect, when you search for it online. In much the same way, Samsung’s bully tactics in dealing with latent defects is legendary. Why do we buy these products and why do our Governments allow them to trade in our countries?

I am the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S7 (not so smart) phone, my 2nd device from Big S with a latent defect. 

Mine developed the notorious “green band” about 10mm high on the bottom of the over sensitive screen by around January 2020.  This has progressed to the feared “blue LED, blacked-out screen” by August 2020.

This seems to be a latent defect with Samsung.  Reaction from Samsung so far has been horrific in that they simply don’t seem to care and that they quite in contempt of consumer protection laws.

I am going to ask my government to expel them from my country as they disobey laws, sell sub-standard products that haunt impoverished clients.  As long as they don’t respect us, they have no right to be in South Africa.  

I live with disability and my income is minuscule.  However, I had the escalators replaced in three major buildings in central Cape Town and I will not rest until this non-committed Samsung learns to respect my country instead of dumping sub-standard junk and then fold their arms.  Samsung’s attitude is LEWD to say the very least.

When I took the handset in to the V&A Waterfront Branch, the African techie refused to even look at the phone.  I then lived an easy 5km walk away from that store, despite disability.  Now that I live an hour outside of Cape Town and have no transport or even the funds to courier the phone to them, they want me to send it in at my cost.

Sorry, Samsung messed up and should fix their own mess.  I did come to them and was rejected by nothing other than their typical snotty, haughty attitude.  And then these fools wanted my phone number to call me on a dead phone. 

But what do you expect from a company whose “executives” on the shop floor spill gibberish into the ears of informed customers?  In my opinion, a bunch of deluded people pushing cheap Korean junk at a premium.  They should go.

I need help getting Samsung to either repair or replace my phone at their cost.

Misdiagnosing Diabetes

As a diabetic myself, I want to influence the medical science industry to catch diabetes at an early stage but there is an almost medieval culture going. More than 35 doctors including a whole team of psychiatrists, a top oncologist and other specialists couldn’t pinpoint my non-existent psychiatric condition. two days after befriending a visiting radiologist from Benghazi on the other end of Africa, he advised me to see my doctor as he was “99.99998% sure” that I was diabetic.

When I unexpectedly ended up in ER at the local hospital one night a decade ago, his suspicions were confirmed. So, why did 35+ doctors for at least 35 years not see that I was diabetic? Because they were looking in the wrong place. Even my pharmacist refused to dispense the prescribed Nuzak as he knew me well enough to know I wasn’t depressed.

As about 50% of diabetics go undiagnosed, they get fed happy pills while their organs fail. One of my own doctors went blind and soon after died that way, as a result of that.

Them Religious Titles….

7 They love to be greeted in the marketplaces and to have people call them Rabbi.  8 But don’t make others call you Rabbi, because you have only one teacher, and you are all followers.  9 And don’t call anyone on earth your father, because you have only one Father, and he is in heaven.  10 Don’t make others call you a leader, because you have only one leader, the Messiah.  11 The person who is greatest among you will be your servant.  12 Whoever honors himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be honored. 

To those loving to be called Pastor/Father/Reverend/Dominee, I sincerely hope that you got to read this. Obey the Living Word, namely Jesus, the Everlasting Father that created it all and said “….before Abraham was, I AM

None of us are worthy to tie His shoelaces, so don’t ascend to His position by trying to enforce your position. Unless, of course, you died for my salvation and rose to my eternal life.

Pieta se PoppiePaniek

Bamboo is ‘n panda wat knus saam met Oupa se heel jongste kleinkind slaap. Sy is vyf jaar oud en die kleinkind ook.

Oudste kleinkind is gebore drie minute oor nege op hierdie oupa se vyftigste verjaardag en sy het ‘n unicorn, so ‘n gryswit gebreide een. En oupa kan nie die naam onthou nie………

Mens moet weet wat jou dogtertjie se pop se naam is. Hulle eie mamamtjie het ‘n lappop oral rondgesleep en huis gemaak, doeke geruil, Barbie-kinders gebad, bottel gedrink en teepartytjies gehou met haar Sweet Caroline as enigste geselskap. Maar dit was eers na Teddie dood is.

Pappas en oupas, jy breek jou dogtertjie se hart as haar geliefde pop nie ook jou werklikheid is nie.

The Ugliness of Decay

A body builder, boxer, wrestler, soldier and outdoorsman lays in his hospital bed some sixty years later, reduced to stained skin and bones.

As much as I love him as I came forth from his loins, I don’t understand the need to be tortured by medical prongs and needles and devices that inflate and deflate, hurting the tired flesh as they go.

A nursing assistant, soft-spoken and nothing but a frail kid herself, peeks from behind her Covid mask, two eye rolling on a railroad track of soft, blue fabric. Two dark marbles playing their own game as she tries to dance to his tune to adjust here, release there, raise the bed or feed him another mouthful of tasteless diabetic dessert.

For the huge amounts flowing from his life savings and his medical aid fund, why can’t he just taste something pleasant before his curtain finally draws close, to where there’s no Bar One or honey? His youthful years were marked by the lack brought about by Adolf’s War, doesn’t he deserve a reprieve in his last days?

And why must a general practitioner and a theologian tarnish his good name by calling him demented when he is not; they do this in the absence of a psychiatrist. Some, it is suspected of being illegal what they are doing.

Oh, then this: why does he have to pay the lion’s share of his ample pension from the Government pension fund to the old age home, to then get served ice cold cooked meals in mid-winter? Who loves to eat refrigerated food while the snow’s stacked many feet deep on the nearby mountains and a frigid gale howls across the plains?

Old people should be treated with as much dignity as possible, we owe them that, as they built the world we flourish in.

No Waste

In God’s Creation, there just is no waste. It is only the human that creates mountains of waste, most of it toxic.

The economy of Creation should be a motivator. At home, organic matter from the kitchen gets composted to nourish other plants. Even the gardens are water-saving by design.

Waste not, want not.

Stroke Survivors Attention!!

Calling all CVA survivors or their caregivers to tell us more about it.

I survived at the very least a dozen (confirmed by neurologists) and then some. A year after my last stroke, I am much worse than in the first weeks, that being September 2019, as the last basal ganglia stroke was on the 16th.

I go without any support, no therapy, just very rude doctors – and the exceptionally good one resigned and left for private practice.

Always nauseous, always an unstable gait, even basic reading or writing wears me out. Really miss the blogging life.

Prognosis – is that just an educated gamble, then? I can’t get any real guidance.

MS Office Alternatives

I happen to own a legit copy of Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013 with its official activation code. When I install and activate it, a message comes on the screen to say that my software cannot be activated online or in my region.

Having grown tired of that kind of illogical nagging from Microsoft, I considered several alternatives such as WPS Office, Apace OpenOffice, SSuite, LibreOffice, etc.

Then I discovered an old installer for Lotus Symphony, a superior piece of software that was killed of by IBM, sadly.

Pity I don’t have an old IBM Lotus SmartSuite DVD left………as it had the vastly superior Lotus Organizer bundles.

Breaking Out in 2020 – Roadtripping

A few weeks ago, the Twitter discussion on #travelchatsa was about breaking free after lockdown.

We now live about an hour from Cape Town among owls, herons, guinea fowl, partridges, fiscals, hummingbirds, finches, antelopes, jackals, tortoises and there is guaranteed to be cobra and adders. Yet they hide in the renosterveld, an indigenous type of fynbos vegetation.

Some of lockdown was spent walking in nature. Even so, it’s been very long since we did some roadtripping.

Yesterday, someone in the household prompted us to get ready for a “drive through town.”

We dressed neatly and hit the road to see yellow fields of canola interspersed with green wheat, oats, rye, barley and pomegranates, blueberries, vineyards, orchards of all manner of citrus and stone fruit. Egyptian geese, crows, majestic blue cranes and a huge Verreaux’s eagle.

We travelled past the Voëlvlei Dam at Gouda, through the Nieuwekloof Pass into the fertile Wamakersvallei of Tulbach, from where the road took us up Michel’s Pass into the scenic Warm Bokkeveld valley of Ceres and Prince Alfred’s Hamlet.

Then we followed the 1848 Gydo Pass to the Koue Bokkeveld. Andrew Geddes Bain and his teams of convicts built these two passes simultaneously.

Overlooking Ceres from about 500m up, we made camp for tea and coffee and real chocolate cake sans flour. A bitterish cake made with real ground almonds, chocolate and one egg.

We found some fossils and continued through the lush valley in between very rough sandstone mountains. The road runs in a WNW direction through the tiny village of Op Die Berg, past the Witzenberg valley.

To the right lay the Ceres Karoo, aka Tanqua or Tankwa. Ahead of us loomed the Cederberg wilderness area.

And the Wagenboom nature conservation area with its beautiful autumn patchwork colours right now at the start of spring in the southern hemisphere.

Some farms had campgrounds, chalets, mountain trails. We were met by some twenty friendly motorcycle offroaders. Oh, I can only drool at their adventure!

Others were mountain biking yet we didn’t see many people in this expansive wilderness. The road, albeit rough gravel in some spots, carried a few dinky little 3-cylinder city runabouts. We were in a 1.5 litre Polo TDi ourselves. You really can do without a 4.7 litre TDi 4×4 if you want to get out into nature.

The road seduced our wheels to venture over Middelberg Pass and on to the Golden Valley of Citrusdal and via Piekenierskloof Pass and the picturesque N7 Cape – Namibia highway.

All too soon, our 300km/200 mile “drive through town” was over. But Sundays do afford us Oxtail smothered in Pinotage, Tiroler Dumplings and Spicey Beetroot.

Yes, Freddy Mercury, we also wanted to break free!!

photos at

To Hell with Relidgin, to Heaven with Jesus

Been a Christian missionary since around 1976. Did a bit of Bible School but really was educated, shaped and equipped by our Lord.

Jesus is Lord.

Isaiah 9:6

For to us a child is born. To us a son is given; and the government will be on his shoulders. His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

John 1:1-3

1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2. The same was in the beginning with God. 3. All things were made through him. Without him was not anything made that has been made.

Jesus said: “Before Abraham was, I AM.

Against this background, we consider modern day Christianity. A woeful place to some, a haven to others.

In 1st century Christianity, then known as The Way, there was oneness of mind and spirit, real love, caring and sharing.

But Christianity had morphed into a different gospel by the third century, removed from its roots. And the Pauline tradition even added to Scripture. And it changed its very nature.

The core beliefs and ways were altered and man made a religion out of the gift of salvation.

Jesus didn’t come to found a religion or denominations. But this quasi religion, where Paul is amplified and Jesus silenced, had usurped the position of the body of Christ.

Bear in mind: the body is not the bride. As Jesus returned for His Bride. A spotless, pure virgin, not a deflowered one.

Religion deflowers.

Jesus saves. Have you shown real interest?

Poetical Science

I meant, uhm, political science.

Strangely, I haven’t seen much science in that thus far. As the few holders of Master’s Degrees that I had encountered didn’t even know why the British colonialists had implemented apartheid laws in South Africa, that had led up to the Dutch-born Hendrik Verwoerd refining it. These educated individuals were also blissfully unaware that Karl Marx had lived in Cape Town or that he had started communist aggression and oppression from there. Or why a certain contingent in South African society became violent and destructive. Just innocent, sweet angelic communism. Angels with talons.

Apartheid simply means to be separate. Few people realise that all white South Africans aren’t racist – as the 1960 referendum result display. A total average voter turnout of 90.77% showed that 52.29% whites voted for and 47.71% against apartheid. Effectively, one in two whites opposed apartheid and that Verwoerd’s Apartheid won by a mere 74,580 votes.

They also didn’t know that the black vs white issue in South Africa was just a ruse for the actual battle, that of war between Christ and Satan fought along the lines of darkness and evil opposing the Light, by means of deception, misinformation, propaganda and violence. People weren’t sentenced to Robben Island for being black, after all.

The most authorative work on this topic has to be Dr Henry R Pike’s factually documented and well-researched A History of Communism in South Africa. Another work that explains the methodology of communist cells is Gerard Ludi’s Operation Q-018.

Too many survivors that had escaped the Gulag wrote the same stories, too many Christian believers had been tortured to death, some 62 million in a short seventy years. Then they talk about the “aggression of the West.” It shows how brainwashed and deluded these people are.

A university degree is no proof of ability and neither that of acumen. It sometimes is the source of sheer ignorance. Please don’t give opinions; deal with facts.

Big Brother Google, the Cyber Boogeyman

All over social media, you’ll see it, here on WordPress as well. How nasty Google is and the levels of distrust.

As a keen user of the superior Linux computer operating system, I always frown at folks drawing swords, at the ready to slay the Windows Dragon, if not the entire Microsoft one. Yes, I do harbour private suspicions about big tech and its founders but it is downight ludicrous to see the mass hysteria riding on top of pathological paranoia. People are crazy, bonkers, certifiable.

The latest bashing revival is Google’s Chrome browser that apparently gobbles up all of a computer’s RAM memory. I have been using Chrome for long and even thirteen or twenty open tabs never saw Chrome use more than just one of my eight gigabytes of RAM. And what is RAM for if the browser sins by indulging in a few freely available megabytes of it? Who stands to lose? I must mention that I don’t have games on my computer, demonic or otherwise and I only watch the odd YouTube video. Not even Windows Vista crashed on me. I tried to crash my old Thinkpad P61 with Core2Duo and 3GB RAM ten years ago by opening some forty tabs in three browsers, namely Firefox, Chrome and Opera. With only 3GB DDR RAM, not as much as a hiccup, not even on Vista or Windows 8, but Windows 7 was a pig.

Anyhow, my systems run smooth regardless of the browser I use. And, checking my system monitor, I see the RAM gobbled by Firefox, yes. Apparently folks don’t mind Firefox being heavy on the juice then. But Chrome gets an avalanche of verbal abuse – and some say they don’t want to use Chromium as it is supposedly built on Chrome.

I also have quite extensive experience of Microsoft Edge, the new browser from Microsoft and I have used it on Windows 10 Pro as well as Android Oreo.

Hardware: Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E540 with Intel Haswell i7 Mobile Quad-core CPU, 8GB DDR3, Samsung Evo 750 SSD at 250GB. You can review the system info here, but there is a Nvidia Gforce 740M 2GB display card installed:

Operating System: Manjaro Linux
KDE Plasma Version: 5.19.3
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.72.0
Qt Version: 5.15.0
Kernel Version: 5.7.9-1-MANJARO
OS Type: 64-bit
Processors: 8 × Intel® Core™ i7-4702MQ CPU @ 2.20GHz
Memory: 7,5 GiB of RAM
Graphics Processor: Mesa DRI Intel® HD Graphics 4600

Mobile phone is Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB with Android Oreo. All my software is always up to date.

Now, please note that these browsers are built on the Blink engine from the Chromium Project:

  • Bravo
  • Chromium
  • Chrome (Google)
  • Vivaldi
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge

Neither is built on Google, that is a sad fairy tale. What is the worst, is that IT professionals run with these old wives’ tales and instigate animosity as far as they go. But, then, the world of Linux sadly is tarnished by flat earthers, activists, communists, chemtrailers and awkward people of a less compatible kind. So, it shouldn’t be surprising if some looney talk comes to the surface from that dark place.

I cannot wait for Microsoft to finally send a Linux version of their fast, light and stable Edge my way. Just this morning, I switched to Brave and deleted the many hundreds of unnecessary Firefox megabytes from my precious little SSD.

As for spying: the critics van be found on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – all part of the Facebook ecosystem, something to avoid. But, my point is, if you are so darn paranoid about privacy, why do FB or Twitter at all? As it is you that forsake you privacy, not some bored geek at the NSA. And I have nothing to hide, therefore a bit of spying won’t harm me. They may even have pity on my anaemic bank account and send me some, if they can hack into it.

Linux Kernel 5.8

Why would or should I install something that is branded as experimental on a system that is here to make my life more pleasant, not to complicate matters? What could I prove by upgrading and what’s the need?


Welcome here, to my first blog post here. I am not entirely new but this is returning to old fishing fields hopefully in a new way.

Droolers live enclosed in some womb where they don’t have to think in their selfish little space, as they suckle and poop while they have no brains, just one big drool gland. Once they are born, a tooth may grow and invade that space, thereby pressing against the drool gland that fills the skull and that’s why their mouths shimmer with drool.

And, as the brain starts growing, more drool comes it. Even in the boardroom, in the traffic, on the bus home after work. And we, the public, gets to witness all that drool. Now, please – don’t come drooling here. While healthy, decent conversation is encouraged, drooling is not. Remember that.

For once, I simply detest the pesky WordPress Block Editor, that is made with non-IT people in mind, just like Apple products are for dumb asses who can’t work with anything tech. Some of us understand things and know how to add 0s and 1s to get the correct end result without being nannied. I hope that some happiness engineer at WordPress reads here and see how unhappy they make old geeks like myself by trying to hold my hand because they can’t cross the street safely. Please, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it as, like Apple, you ruin things. And I keep switching the idiotic thing off yet it re-activates itself.

Then the droolers. Those folks that never get to see a fact and then follow hollow opinions to emerge “educated and superior.” Get!! I don’t want you here, especially not the kind of Christian that promotes the 666 or human microchiping. It was me, not you, that was called by God to warn and then, educated with HIS guidance, to warn others. I don’t care about you, the relidgiz type, as burn in hell you will for telling others to embrace the Antichrist. I am tired of especially clueless young people that aren’t computer literate (other than watching porn and playing Angry Birds) that try tell us older people how things work. Remember this: we invented and built your toys. Get!!

sudo apt purge droolers

Post-Stroke Fatigue and Dizziness

September 16 was a full year after the 12th one and I managed to wean myself off a walking aid mostly, also can read/write/see/speak fairly fluently but with unintended errors. For someone seen as “a natural in orthography” even fifty years ago, this is a bit of a setback.

Until after Stroke #11 on July 5, 2019 (our anniversary day) I could read one decent book per day, such as Agatha Christie’s autobiography or that of H.E. Bates, author of The Darling Buds of May.

Since mid-May, I have been trying to read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. It’s an easy book that shouldn’t have taken all day but it’s going to take the rest of this year, it seems. Which is why I’m not here as frequently as I used to be. I somehow see more of BeautyBeyondBones and Toortsie in Instagram than here, which is uncommon.

As of late, I get dizzy and can’t focus to read or write once I used the mouse scroll wheel. It feels as if someone then had hit my head with a hammer and I feel lightly concussed, always nauseous and dizzy to the point of having to lie down. Sitting up makes it worse.

And a F A T I G U E sets in from time to time and sleeping doesn’t help. The darn doctor laughs in my face and speaks to me as if I don’t understand how a computer’s BIOS works; which is what the basal ganglia effectively is.

Anyone with stroke experience or giving care to a stroke victim, please share your story here.


Crazy how many people simply bash Microsoft Edge, the new Chromium-based version, out of some deep hatred born from illogical bias. As so many of them hadn’t even used or tried the software they so despise. This also includes Windows 10 & Pro.

Google’s Chrome browser comes in for much criticism and then ill-informed radical people out there hate MS Edge “because it’s built on Chrome.” No, idiot, it isn’t. It is built on the Blink engine of the Chromium Project, an open source initiative. Just like Bravo, Opera and Vivaldi over and above Chrome and Edge.

All built on Chromium.

And for Chrome being bashed for “gobbling up RAM,” my Mozilla Firefox sat at 1437,4MB RAM just now and I didn’t see how much GPU RAM it had eaten.

The radical elements in the open source community is why people rather pay for Windows 10 or MacOS. I repeatedly had terrible experiences with Arch-ish “nixes and went back to something Ubuntuish as it just works and my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge i7 7402MQ 2.2GHz 8GB DDR3 Samsung EVO 750 250GB SSD is as smooth as molten butter.

So, if the flatearthers and chemtrailers and distrosnobs will leave the planet, there will be peace unto man, as that’s what really the problem is. The sick and snotty, nasty, haughty radicalism that prevails on the other side of the keyboard.